Free Roaming Feline Program


SPRING FLING Adoption Event

WHAT:  Gorgeous, sweet and loving cats and kittens looking for loving homes!  All are spayed/neutered, microchipped, vaccinated and come with 30 days of free pet health insurance.

WHEN:  Saturday, April 11 from 11:00 to 3:00 PM

WHERE:  J.E. Hamilton Community House, 1710 West Park St., Two Rivers, WI

Please come meet some of our adoptable cats and kittens currently in foster care who await their "forever homes".  Every feline that is adopted will make room in our foster homes for another feline in need.

View descriptions and photos of available cats and kittens on this website, or on Petfinder or on our Facebook page.

Adoption fee is a minimum $60 donation.

Kathy, Monica, Kerry, Amanda and Julie will all be on hand to help you find your perfect companion!

We will also be holding a silent auction to raise funds to pay for medical treatment (surgeries, vaccinations, etc) for our rescued roamers.

For more information, call 920.686.8899 or email:

"Aromatherapy for Pets" FREE 1-Hour Class 

Join us on Saturday, April 11 at 12:30 PM for a free one-hour class called 

Aromatherapy for Pets” 

This fun and informative class will focus on how to safely and effectively start using essential oils with your animal companions.  Nature’s medicine cabinet, essential oils help to bring healing and relief not only from physical ailments but can also treat emotional issues. Dogs, cats, horses and birds may all benefit from therapeutic grade oils which are anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal. This holistic method of healing is gaining popularity as more and more people are realizing the tremendous healing properties of essential oils.

At the class you will learn about...

  • Which essential oils are safe to use on your dog, cat or horse
  • How to dilute and apply essential oils
  • Natural (chemical free!) remedies for:
    • fleas and ticks
    • skin & coat issues
    • car ride anxiety, depression, calming
    • car sickness
    • allergies
    • arthritis, joint and muscle problems
    • ear infections

The class will be presented by Cathy Caetano of Essential Oils Natural Health, Cedarburg, WI. The class is free and will start at 12:30 PM. Registration is not required. Please leave your animals home for this class.

Several Young Living essential oil independent distributors will be on-hand from 11 AM to 3 PM to answer your questions about the most common pet health problems that may be treated with essential oils. There will be a drawing for free products. 

This essential oil class is being sponsored by the Free Roaming Feline Program, Ltd., in conjunction with our adoption event being held at the same location.

For more information call 920.686.8899 or email  

Free Roamers Now on 

All adoptable cats and kittens in the Free Roaming Feline Program can also be viewed on  Check out updated photos and most of our adoptable Roamers also star in a short video.


Save two lives...When you adopt a Free Roamer you are helping to make room for another feline in need of a foster home.

Click on the Petfinder logo to see Free Roamer cats and kittens currently in foster care seeking their forever homes: